Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School.

The end of the school year is in sight.  We want to thank everyone for their diligence and patience as we navigated distance learning during 4th quarter and for working together to do the best that we could to serve and educate our students during this time.

We have one more big task ahead of us as we close out this school year and we need your help to do it safely and efficiently.

Next Monday through Wednesday, June 1st through the 3rd, we will be receiving School Resources and Materials that have been distributed to you this year as well as providing an opportunity for your students to collect any of their personal belongings that may have been left on campus before Spring Break.

It will be critically important that we practice social distancing and work together to keep things safe and orderly during this process.

On each day, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, if your last name begins with A-G, your drop off/return time is 9-10 am.  If your last name begins with H-M, your drop off/return time is 10-11 am.  If your last name begins with N-S, your drop off/return time is 11-12 pm.  And if your last name begins with T-Z, your drop off/return time is 12-1 pm.  Choose which day works best for you and plan to return Resources and Materials to the school during your designated time.

School Resource and Material Returns will take place in the upper circle and main office parking lot.  Staff will be there to greet you and receive items from your car.  Items include Textbooks, Library Books, Chromebooks and chargers, as well as Hotpsots if you received one from the school for distance learning, and any other resources or materials that were loaned or distributed to you by the office or your teachers.  This will also be the time and place to collect any End of the Year awards or certificates that you may have earned or received.

To retrieve personal items from the Locker Room, please use the Hoffman St Upper Parking Lot.  Your student will be greeted by a staff member at the gym/locker room entrances.  Students will be monitored and supervised in the locker rooms by their PE teachers.  Students will need to collect all personal items and return their locks directly to their PE teacher before leaving.

Again, it is critically important that we work together to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible for the health and safety of our staff, families, and students.  We strongly encourage you to begin collecting, cleaning, and preparing these items for return.  We also strongly recommend that you inspect Chromebooks for damages such as missing keys and broken screens.

We thank you for your attention to these important end of the year procedures.

Thank you,

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