Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School,

We continue to reflect on our program and operations in the hybrid and distance learning setting as we navigate this school year.  We have identified that more time is needed at the end of each school day for student support meetings and staff collaboration.  Therefore, the staff voted to adjust the daily bell schedule to accommodate this need.

Starting next Tuesday, February 16th, school will begin at 8:15 am and students will be released at 2:45 at the end of the day.  Please make the necessary adjustments to have your students on campus by 8:15 and ready for their first period class.  Also plan to pick your students up in the lower district office parking lot at 2:45.  The bus routes and bus schedules were not impacted by this change.  If your student rides a bus, there is nothing you will need to do at this time.  We appreciate your flexibility with this adjustment to our bell schedule.

The new bell schedule is attached to this email and is updated on our website along with all other important information for Hybrid and Distance Learning students.  Class start times will also change for distance learning students during the day so make sure you know when you need to log into each of your classes.

We will do all that we can to accommodate students and families with this transition.  If this new bell schedule presents a new set of challenges for you, please call the office and we will work together to accommodate your needs.  

In addition to this new bell schedule, we are committing to provide as much access as possible for both our distance learning and hybrid students.  Also starting on Feb. 16th, all google classrooms will be accessible to all students enrolled in that class every day.  For instance, a Cohort 1 student who attends in person learning on Mondays and Thursdays will also be able to log into their classes virtually on Tuesdays and Fridays to get further instruction and review the learning material if needed.  Hybrid students are not required to log in on their “off days”.  But we want to make sure they have access to their classes and teachers if needed.  Please encourage hybrid students to log into their classes and continue engaging with school and their peers while they are working at home.

Please continue to check our website for updated information and opportunities for students support and success.

JJHS Hybrid Bell Schedule PDF

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