Jackson Junior High School offers counseling services that help students develop socially, emotionally, and fulfill their academic potential. Ms. Ramani is eager to meet with our students and help them be successful during distance learning. Individual and small group counseling are both available. Contact Anisha Ramani at anisha.ramani@acusd.org.

Nexus-Nexus Youth & Family Services provides a variety of programs that strengthen the community, enhance the quality of life for local residents, and connect youth and families to needed services. https://www.nexusyfs.org Phone Number 209-257-1980.

Sierra Wind Wellness and Recovery Center – Counseling and Mental Health Services. A unique place to find peer support, companionship, support groups, resources, meals and linkage to resources. https://www.calvoices.org/support-groups. Phone Number-209-223-1956.

Please return the below form to the school office when completed.

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