Road Work near JJHS 4/20-4/21


The City of Jackson and George Reed Inc. will be performing roadway improvements in downtown Jackson on Tuesday, April 20th and Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, 7:00am to 6:00pm.  Areas impacted will be in the vicinity of Hoffman Street, Stasal Avenue, Summit Street, Kearney Street and Court Street.  This project is an SB1 funded project which will include pavement restoration and striping.  Traffic control measures will be in effect and all traffic, including motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, should avoid the areas noted.  Impacts during this project will include:
On-Street Parking
Traffic Access
Limited Sidewalk Access
Limited Driveway Access
Property owners will be accommodated and updated daily during construction.  Please expect delays if you live in these areas.  If you do not live in these areas please use an alternate route.  All traffic control and safety measures must be followed.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the City of Jackson at 223-1646.
AGAIN…  This project is scheduled for Tuesday, April 20th and Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, 7:00am to 6:00pm.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Tuesday, April 6th Transition

Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

We are very excited to welcome our hybrid students back to school for 4 days of in person learning and our distance learning students to full daily engagement in the virtual setting. Please see the attached email for all documents and information to help you prepare for the Tuesday, April 6th transition.

8th grade Families! We plan to have an in person promotion ceremony recognizing our 8th grade class for their successful completion of Junior High. We must have your Gown order form and payment returned to the office by this Thursday in order to proceed with the gown order. The gown order form is also attached to this email. Please complete the form and submit payment to the front office by this Thursday! More information to come regarding our Promotion ceremony.

Once again, we have come together as a staff and community to plan and prepare for the next stage of returning to school. Don’t hesitate to call the office if you have any questions about the Tuesday, April 6th transition.

Andrew Gardner


Jackson Junior High School

April 6th Return Letter to Families.pdf
JJHS Bell Schedule April 6th.pdf
JJHS Distance Learner Daily Schedule begins 4-6-2021.pdf
JJHS FAQ for Families April 6th.docx
JJHS Healthy and Safety Guidelines for All Staff and Students.pdf
Gown Order Form.doc

Two Ways to Support Jackson Junior

Hello! We currently have 2 fundraising opportunities at Jackson Junior. The first is our Scholastic Book Fair. The second is our See’s Candy sale. Both can be accessed virtually.

Book Fair:

Jackson Junior High Book Fair opens for online ordering March 12th, 2021.

Set up your e-wallet today for easy ordering. Click below to see how it works and to sign up.

See’s Candy:

JJHS is hosting an online fundraiser with Sees Candies! Please invite your friends, family, neighbors and family to click on the link below and help support your local JJH student! Any help would be appreciated.

Update Regarding Bell Schedule

Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School,

We continue to reflect on our program and operations in the hybrid and distance learning setting as we navigate this school year.  We have identified that more time is needed at the end of each school day for student support meetings and staff collaboration.  Therefore, the staff voted to adjust the daily bell schedule to accommodate this need.

Starting next Tuesday, February 16th, school will begin at 8:15 am and students will be released at 2:45 at the end of the day.  Please make the necessary adjustments to have your students on campus by 8:15 and ready for their first period class.  Also plan to pick your students up in the lower district office parking lot at 2:45.  The bus routes and bus schedules were not impacted by this change.  If your student rides a bus, there is nothing you will need to do at this time.  We appreciate your flexibility with this adjustment to our bell schedule.

The new bell schedule is attached to this email and is updated on our website along with all other important information for Hybrid and Distance Learning students.  Class start times will also change for distance learning students during the day so make sure you know when you need to log into each of your classes.

We will do all that we can to accommodate students and families with this transition.  If this new bell schedule presents a new set of challenges for you, please call the office and we will work together to accommodate your needs.  

In addition to this new bell schedule, we are committing to provide as much access as possible for both our distance learning and hybrid students.  Also starting on Feb. 16th, all google classrooms will be accessible to all students enrolled in that class every day.  For instance, a Cohort 1 student who attends in person learning on Mondays and Thursdays will also be able to log into their classes virtually on Tuesdays and Fridays to get further instruction and review the learning material if needed.  Hybrid students are not required to log in on their “off days”.  But we want to make sure they have access to their classes and teachers if needed.  Please encourage hybrid students to log into their classes and continue engaging with school and their peers while they are working at home.

Please continue to check our website for updated information and opportunities for students support and success.

JJHS Hybrid Bell Schedule PDF

Monday, January 25th Transition to Distance Learning due to Snow and Power Outages

Good morning,

Today, January 25, schools will not be open for in-person learning.  Due to winter weather and power outages in many areas of the county, all schools will shift to distance learning.  Many students and staff members live in areas where it is currently not safe to travel along with limited accessibility for bussing.  Please revert to your student’s distance learning plan each school sent with specific instructions.

Under normal circumstances, today would have been a snow day but instead, we are reverting to distance learning.  We will continue to watch the weather conditions as there is more winter weather expected this week.  Please stay safe.

Amador County Public Schools

Today, student will be attending A day classes virtually on a Distance Learning Bell Schedule:

8:30-9:15 — 1st Period

9:30-10:15 — 3rd Period

10:30-11:15 — 5th Period

11:30-12:15 — 7th Period

Week of 1/4/2021

Hello Jaguars!

This weeks class schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Distance Learning – A Day: Periods 1, 3, 5, 7 (start time 8:30)
  • Tuesday – Distance Learning – B Day: Periods 2, 4, 6, 8 (start time 8:30)
  • Wednesday – Distance Learning – Tutorial Check In (start time 11:00)
  • Thursday – Hybrid/Distance Learning
    • Hybrid – B Day: Periods 2, 4, 6, 8. (start time 8:30)
      • Cohort 1 on campus
      • Cohort 2 at home
    • Distance Learning – B Day: Periods 6, 8 (start time 12:25)
  • Friday – Hybrid/Distance Learning
    • Hybrid A Day: Periods 1, 3, 5, 7 (start time 8:30)
      • Cohort 2 on campus
      • Cohort 1 at home
    • Distance Learning – A Day: Periods 5, 7. (start time 12:25)

Students will have work in the following classes each day, regardless of their cohort:

  • Monday – A Day: Periods 1, 3, 5, 7
  • Tuesday – B Day: Periods 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Wednesday – All Classes
  • Thursday – B Day: Periods 2, 4, 6, 8
  • Friday – A Day: Periods 1, 3, 5, 7

Limited Office Hours at JJHS

Good Morning Jackson Junior High School Staff, Students, and Families,

Due to limited staff availability, the Jackson Junior High School Office will be open by appointment only this week. Please call 209-257-5700 and schedule an appointment if you need to conduct business with our office.

We encourage you to continue checking our website for updated information and resources for our students and families.

We wish everyone a fantastic last week of school and much relaxation over winter break!

Thank you

Andrew Gardner


Message from Superintendent Slavensky

Hello Amador County Public Schools Families,

I sincerely hope this message finds you safe and healthy.  I am reaching out today with an update about our return to school campuses.  As you know, we returned to campuses in a hybrid model on November 16th and everyone has worked very hard to implement our Health & Safety Plan following the CDPH guidelines and provide a positive learning experience for our students at the same time.  It has not been without many challenges, yet we remain committed to the safety and well-being of our students and staff.

As the COVID numbers have gone up and the staffing challenges have grown (i.e., staff becoming ill, substitutes declining jobs, custodial vacancies hard to fill, etc.), we have reached a tipping point. In order to keep our students and staff safe, we will pivot to distance learning (DL) on Monday, December 14th with the goal to return to hybrid learning for students in the hybrid model on Monday, January 4, 2021, pending COVID conditions and the District’s ability to improve staffing support. The goal with this short-term school closure is to allow time for conditions to stabilize, all staff and families to regroup, and district office staff to work on strengthening our staffing situation.

As we continue to keep students as the priority, please note a few key aspects of this transition:

  • All current classes will remain intact.
  • Hybrid instructional schedules will shift to the August DL instructional schedules.
  • SB 98 guidelines will be followed, such as daily live interaction with teachers and peers.
  • Small learning cohorts of at-risk students may be invited for in-person learning where there is sufficient staff support to implement the health and safety guidelines.

Please watch for messages from your child’s principal and/or teacher(s) with more information.

Please also be sure to check your email or voice mail on January 2nd or 3rd for any updates to the plan for a safe return to the hybrid model on January 4th.

Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility as we make this transition, recognizing that we may need to pivot a few more times between now and June 4th.  Thank you also for continuing to do your part to prevent the spread of the virus.  When we all work together to comply with all of the guidelines and advisories, we lessen the risk of an outbreak in our county, we keep one another healthy, and we increase the possibility of reopening our schools again.


Dr. Amy L. Slavensky

Superintendent of Schools

Spanish Copy of Message to Families 12.10.2020.pdf

Potential PSPS

Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School.

We hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend during this dry start to December. We have received an update from PG&E that some parts of our community may experience a Public Safety Power Shut Off on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

School will remain in session. Distance Learning students are still expected to log into their virtual classes and engage in school. Hybrid learners are still expected to be at school for in person learning.

In the event that you are affected by the scheduled PSPS and do not have access to your Internet, please follow the Alternative PSPS Student Work Assignments. These assignments are attached to this email and also posted on our school website at

We wish everyone health and safety as we continue to navigate the Covid 19 pandemic and Power outages this year.

Principal’s Message November 17th

Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School,

We are so excited to welcome our students back to campus this week. I wanted to let you know that everything was as smooth as could be. Students have been great about following the health and safety guidelines and are working together to make our campus a positive and engaging place for everyone on campus.

Ms. Minton and I are conducting tours of campus with the PE classes and reviewing school wide expectations with each class. We will continue to communicate the importance of wearing face masks and social distancing at school. Your help with this is greatly appreciated!

Just a reminder that parent pick up after school begins at 3:15 in the district parking lot. Students will be supervised along the way down the hill and must keep their face mask on and social distance until they get to the car.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Ms. Minton and I would like to invite all students to join us for a school wide Google Meet at 11:00 to touch base and share our experiences so far. The Google Meet link is

We want to thank all of you for preparing your children to return to campus and begin in person learning in the hybrid setting at Jackson Junior High School.

Hybrid Welcome Back Packet

Greetings Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School,

We are very excited to welcome our students back to campus for hybrid learning starting on November 16th. Please review the attached Hybrid Welcome Back Packet for Families to help you plan your return to campus. This includes new bell schedules, drop off and pick up procedures, and Health and Safety Guidelines for students, staff and visitors.

Please make sure you are also checking all updated information on our district and school websites regarding our health and safety plans and procedures.

We appreciate all of your support and patience. We have worked hard to accommodate our students and families and to prepare a safe, supportive, and engaging campus and learning environment for students at Jackson Junior High School.

Thank you,

Hybrid Welcome Back Packet for Families.pdf

PSPS Announcement/Assignment

Good Afternoon Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School.

A PSPS has been scheduled for parts of Amador county starting this afternoon and lasting through Tuesday evening.  This may affect many of our students and families.

School will remain in session and daily live instruction will continue during the PSPS. Students are expected to log in and participate in their classes.

If you are not able to log into your classes due to the PSPS, please make sure that you download, print, or screenshot the PSPS Agenda and Alternative Assignments. These assignments do not require any technology to complete and will be turned into your teachers for credit when the PSPS is over.

The PSPS assignments are located in any of your teachers google classrooms.

Please contact your teachers or the front office at 257-5700 if you need assistance.

PSPS Alternative Student Assignments – Google Docs

2nd Quarter Updates

Good Morning Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School.

Congratulations on finishing the first quarter of distance learning and navigating all the new ways of teaching and learning. We hope everyone had a restful fall break and able to take a step back from school and enjoy some time for yourself.

In four weeks we will be transitioning again to a hybrid model in which students will be on campus two days a week in a cohort of students. Students will either be on campus on Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesdays will still be used for independent work time and allow our custodial staff to clean and disinfect. Teachers will use this time to collaborate about best instruction in the hybrid model and plan lessons and activities accordingly.

We are working to prepare our facilities for this Hybrid Model within the Covid 19 safety guidelines. In addition to these preparations, Jackson Junior High School has begun an exciting new classroom construction project on our campus. The entire Hoffman St. side of campus will be inaccessible until further notice. The parking lots, field, and other access points will not be available for parking, student drop off, or other campus business. We will provide all the information to our families regarding campus access during construction as we approach November 16th.

We have also offered an incentive for our students and classes to turn their cameras on during their virtual classroom sessions. Each week between now and November 16, we will determine which classes have the most cameras on for the entire period and these classes will be rewarded with free Jamba Juice during the first week of our hybrid return. We hope this helps students continue to get to know each other and their teachers by putting a name to a face and ease the transition back to the classroom on November 16th. We also hope to increase student engagement in their classes. Please encourage your child to turn their cameras on during their classes so they can be engaged with their lessons and their peers.

There is no doubt, 2nd quarter will bring a new set of challenges and opportunities as we continue to navigate these unchartered waters of 2020. We are committed to staying positive and working together to problem solve and create the best learning environments for all of our students.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Enrollment Information for November 16th

Se Adjunta Mensaje En Español

Greetings Families,


As we prepare to return to school campuses for in-person instruction in a hybrid model on November 16, 2020, we are offering families the option to continue with distance learning.


For high school and junior high school DISTANCE LEARNING classes, we have arrived at a solution using cameras in classrooms that allows students whose families select distance learning to remain with their current teachers and continue with their same classes. We will not be using the online Edgenuity platform as the only option for junior high and high school distance learning, although some teachers may continue to use it as a resource. With this model of distance learning, it will be extremely important for junior high and high school students to be logged into the live instruction every day for each class in which they are enrolled.


For elementary school classes, the current plan is still in place with most teachers teaching in the hybrid model and some teachers assigned to the distance learning model. This means that some students may be assigned a different teacher. This information will be provided by each school for families during the week of November 9th.


If you would like your child to continue with distance learning, please complete the form at this link by Sunday, October 18(LINK)


If your student will return in the HYBRID MODEL, there is nothing that needs to be done at this time. Students in the elementary hybrid model will be expected to complete assignments independently at home on the two days per week they are not in attendance for in-person instruction.  As we get closer to November 16, 2020, each school will communicate to hybrid model families about which days your child will attend, school schedules, and other important school information.


If you are selecting distance learning, please complete this form for each child enrolled by Sunday, October 18.


We look forward to supporting all families as we make this transition to November 16, 2020.




Demi Wright

Executive Operations & Communications Specialist

SPANISH InTouch Script for Distance Learning Enrollment FINAL.pdf
Family FAQ- Transition to In-Person Instruction 10-07-2020 SPANISH (1).pdf
Family FAQ- Transition to In-Person Instruction 10-7-2020 Update.pdf

Food Services Update 10-8-2020

Dear Families,

We hope everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Fall Break! Based on the September 23rd Board of Trustees decision, on Monday, October 19th, ACUSD will begin welcoming students back to school campuses, by appointment, in small groups for those students who need the most support. The ACOE program that supports students with moderate to severe learning disabilities will resume in-person learning on school campuses on Monday, October 19th.

In order to provide transportation for these students, our bus drivers will not be able to continue meal delivery service in some areas.

After Friday, October 9th, the meal delivery service to these locations will stop:

Mace Meadows


River Pines

Camanche Oaks

Camanche Blues

We will continue to provide curbside meal pick-up at the following schools:

Plymouth Elementary School – 10:00 – 2:00

Amador High School – 10:00 – 2:00

Ione Junior High School – 10:00 – 2:00

Argonaut High School – 10:00 – 2:00

Pioneer Elementary School – 10:00 – 2:00

Pine Grove Elementary School – 11:30 – 12:00

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause families and we thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate through the many challenges of educating our students and supporting our families during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Demi Wright

Executive Operations & Communications Specialist

SPANISH Meal Delivery In Touch.pdf

PSPS Planning 9/28/2020

Hello Jackson Junior High School Students and Families!

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal of Jackson Junior High School,

We are taking a proactive approach and preparing for any PSPS days that PG&E may hold which impacts learning time at Jackson Junior High School. Due to the new ways PGE will be conducting PSPS (shutting down smaller areas rather than widespread like we saw last year), the district is not considering shutting down schools during PSPS days at this time.

With that in mind, in the event that our school is closed due to PSPS day(s), rather than cancel school altogether, we are providing independent work for students to complete at home that does not require technology.

Attached is a PDF document with lesson activities for students to complete at home in the event of a PSPS. These lessons are only to be completed if the school must be closed due to PSPS.

We ask that you print the attached PDF document right away so that your child will be prepared should the power be turned off. If you are unable to print these at home, please have your student inform their teacher and we will have hard copies available in our front office.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and if you have any questions, please contact the office at 209-257-5700.

PSPS Alternative Student Assignments.docx

Transitioning to In-Person Learning

Hello ACUSD Families,

As we plan for returning to school buildings for in-person learning in a hybrid model on November 16, 2020, families will need to decide which option works best for each student.  The attached FAQ document, Two Options for Families document, and sample hybrid schedules are designed to help families understand each option in order to make an informed decision.

Please take time to review the attachments to learn about each option.  To further assist families, we will be facilitating virtual town hall meetings on Tuesday, September 29 at 3:30 and Thursday, October 1 at 5:00.  During these virtual town hall meetings, we will review each option and facilitate a question and answer session.  Please see below for Zoom information for each meeting.

We look forward to assisting all families by providing information and answering questions in order to make the best decision possible.

Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we enter this next phase of resuming in-person instruction.


Sean Snider

Zoom Meeting Information:

September 29th Town Hall Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 824 0418 2218

Passcode: 092920

One tap mobile


October 1st Town Hall Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 820 5839 0822

Passcode: 100120

One tap mobile


Family FAQ- Transition to In-Person Instruction 9-24-2020.pdf
Two Options Including Hybrid for Families.pdf
Elementary Preliminary Hybrid Schedule.pdf
Secondary Preliminary Hybrid Schedule.pdf
SPANISH InTouch Message for Hybrid FAQ and Town Hall.pdf
SPANISH Family FAQ- Transition to In-Person Instruction 9-24-2020.pdf
SPANISH Two Options Including Hybrid for Families.pdf
SPANISH Draft Elementary Hybrid Schedule.pdf
SPANISH Draft Secondary Hybrid Schedule.pdf

This message has been sent on behalf of Amador County Unified School District. If you do not wish to receive any future email from Amador County Unified School District, please click here.
This message is intended exclusively for the individual or entity to which it is addressed. This communication may contain information that is proprietary, privileged or confidential or otherwise legally exempt from disclosure. If you are not the named addressee, you are not authorized to read, print, retain, copy or disseminate this message or any part of it. If you have received this message in error, please notify district administration and delete all copies of the message.

Site Council Ballots

Jackson Junior High School Families and Communities,

Every year, public schools are required to have a School Site Council that oversees the school program and site budget that is outline in the Site Plan or otherwise known as the Single Plan for Student Achievement. This group will be meet through the year to review progress, share input and monitor the budget. Every year we must provide an official ballot for new attendees to be voted on by our families and communities.

Please use the link below to vote on the new participants of this year’s site council by Friday, September 25. . Paper ballots are available in our front office if you are not able to complete the digital survey.

Thank you,

Andrew Gardner


Jackson Junior High School

Update September 8, 2020

Good Morning Jackson Junior High School Students and Families,

This is Andrew Gardner, Principal at Jackson Junior High School. Congratulations for getting through the first three weeks of distance learning this year and we hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing three day weekend.
We continue to navigate all of the unknowns as we make progress this year. We understand that our lives are completely changed as a result of distance learning and even more so as we enter the season of power outages in Amador county.
Due to the shortened week, we are on a modified schedule. Today and Thursday are A days and tomorrow (Wednesday) and Friday will be B days. Students will be expected to attend their B day virtual classrooms tomorrow, periods 2,4,6,8 if they are able to.
In an effort to support the stress and mental well being of our students and families during this time, we have declared a school wide amnesty week for all students. This means that no new work will be assigned in any classes. We expect students to review the work they have achieved during the first three weeks of distance learning and reflect on their experience. Teachers will be supporting students in virtual classrooms through review and helping students get caught up on assignments they may have missed along the way.
If you are unable to attend the virtual classrooms this week due to power outages, that is OK. Please take this time to organize and review your school work and help around your households. We will adjust for attendance if students are not able to attend virtual classes. The health and well being of our students and families will be our top priority this week.
We have also cancelled our virtual Back to School Night for this evening. We will update you with a new scheduled time for this event.
We want everyone to have the opportunity to catch their breath and have some time to process everything that is happening. We encourage all of you to spend some much needed quality time with your loved ones and take care of each other.
We will continue to provide updated information as we go.
Thank you!

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