Google Classroom

During school closures, teachers will be using Google Classroom for most instruction. Please use the following link to access Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

If you need your student’s class code, please email their teacher.


Kathy 257-5724246th Grade
Chris 257-5716166th Grade
Taylor 257-5717176th Grade
Leslie 257-572525English & Language Arts
Dale 257-57088Art/Drama/Journalism
Luke 257-57077English & Language Arts/AVID
Shellie 257-571010Math
Alicia 257-571818Math
Jeffrey 257-572626Social Studies
Ted 257-571111Social Studies/AVID
Timothy 257-571212Social Studies
Kirsten 257-57033Science
Julie 257-57044Science
Tiffany 257-572323Education Specialist
Kelli 257-572020Education Specialist
Lisa 257-572121Education Specialist
Jon 257-5765Gym/30PE/WEB
Natalie 257-5768GymPE/WEB/ASB
Leah 257-57099Health/Enrichment Elective
Naor 257-572222Band/Choir

Instructional Assistants Roster

Jami HattonInstructional 257-5723
Jennifer KenitzerInstructional 257-5723
Theresa TullyInstructional 257-5720
Robin YelinekInstructional Aid (7th Grade) 257-5721
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